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Paul Prendergast Karate Presents PPK Perfect Practice

What You’ll Gain From Our Training Portal

Master Paul Prendergast founded Paul Prendergast Karate in 1989, providing students with over 25 years of teaching experience to ensure a well-rounded Martial Arts training program. This type of effective training ensures that each and every student gains the lifelong benefits that proper Martial Arts training should provide.

Paul Prendergast Karate now has even more innovative ways to help you advance your training and become even more focused and truly reap the advantages of the benefits of Martial Arts. The Perfect Practice Portal is available for you to sign up for and benefit from today;

  • This unique application supplies the 500+ students from both Paul Prendergast Karate locations with the tools to succeed not only in karate, but in life.
  • This cutting-edge tool offers access to educational, nutritional and motivational media as well as a number of other bonus materials.
  • The Perfect Practice Portal provides each user with a dashboard catered to their skill level. This dashboard allows students to watch training videos targeted to their individual belt level and prepare at home for the tests for advanced belt levels.

Best of all, this tool is available right now for $1 for 30 Days! so sign up, log on and start practicing perfectly today!

If you have any additional questions about the Perfect Practice Portal, our services or anything else about Paul Prendergast Karate, please feel free to contact us by clicking here or contact our Toms River location at 732-255-0563 or our Brick location at 732-477-8451.

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